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Moxa Remote Connect – Easy to use Cloud-based Secure Remote Access Solution

Enhance Your Business Opportunities with Cloud-Based Secure Remote Access Solutions Remote access is one of the technologies that is shaping the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) into what it is today. For most network engineers, a remote access solution that ensures that data connectivity is secure enough for remote monitoring is therefore very important. Now Moxa offers an innovative cloud-based solution—Moxa Remote Connect—which facilitates easy, secure, and flexible remote access [...]

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Build Your Smart City with Future-Proof IIoT Gateways

Rapid urbanization is compelling governments and municipal authorities around the world to find new ways to optimize their infrastructure. Smart cities seem to be the only way forward when it comes to increasing efficiency and improving services in cities. In this article, we discuss how Moxa’s IIoT gateways can provide the computing backbone required for two smart city applications— Solar Energy Storage and Monitoring and Remote Asset Management for [...]

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