Moxa’s Smart Switches with the Most Compact Size and Intuitive Configuration

For machine builders and automation engineers, being able to monitor their Ethernet switches from a SCADA/HMI gives them a great overall view of their control systems, and the ability to react in time to minimize system downtime. In addition, the most common concern related to deploying managed switches is operational complexity, including both setup and subsequent management. Moxa’s super-slim SDS-3008 smart switch is designed to meet these challenges. With its simplified protocol [...]

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MOXA reliable IIoT Gateways for Today and Tomorrow

Moxa sets its focus on IIoT. As we know it can be a challenge to find an Industrial IoT (IIoT) gateway that easily connects geographically dispersed devices to the cloud, especially in outdoor or rugged environments that are common in smart city, civil infrastructure, and industrial automation applications. IIoT gateway needs to be easy to deploy and easy to maintain over an expected operational life of at least 5 [...]

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Moxa Remote Connect – Easy to use Cloud-based Secure Remote Access Solution

Enhance Your Business Opportunities with Cloud-Based Secure Remote Access Solutions Remote access is one of the technologies that is shaping the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) into what it is today. For most network engineers, a remote access solution that ensures that data connectivity is secure enough for remote monitoring is therefore very important. Now Moxa offers an innovative cloud-based solution—Moxa Remote Connect—which facilitates easy, secure, and flexible remote access [...]

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