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Moxa offers wide range of Industrial connectivity equipment for industrial ethernet, industrial computing, serial connectivity, remote automation.


Technical consultations, analysis of current situation, new solutions, designing, implementation.

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  • Industrial Ethernet Switches
    • Moxa provides a wide range of industrial Ethernet switches, such as 10 Gb Core Switches, Rackmount (ICS, IKS series), DIN-Rail (EDS series), PoE, EN50155 (PT and TN series), IEC 61850-3, etc.
  • Industrial Wireless LAN (WLAN) Solutions
    • Moxa’s industrial IEEE 802.11 wireless AP/Bridge/Client products AWK series for Wireless LAN are ruggedly designed for harsh industrial environments, with features such as high electromagnetic immunity to repel electromagnetic disturbances, galvanic isolation to guard against voltage instability, wide- temperature operation, metal housing with IP-68 protection against dust and water, and shock/vibration resistance.
  • Industrial Secure Routers
    • Moxa’s industrial Gigabit-performance secure routers. The EDR series routers provides integrated cyber security solutions that combine industrial firewall, VPN, router, and L2 switching* functions into one product specifically designed for automation networks, which protects the integrity of remote access and critical devices.
  • Industrial Cellular Solutions
    • Industrial cellular solutions for WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) communications with serial and Ethernet devices over cellular networks. Moxa’s HSPA/LTE enabled cellular devices allow broadband communications anywhere at any time. Industrial cellular solutions includes industrial routers, industrial gateways, industrial modems and software.
  • Industrial Media Converters
    • Media Converters for Ethernet to optical fiber conversion.
  • Industrial Ethernet Gateways
    • Fieldbus-to-Ethernet gateways with smart functionality for optional deployment. MGate™ gateways connect serial devices to Ethernet. Also allow multiple connections and facilitate various Ethernet protocol communications, such as Modbus TCP and Ethernet/IP. Industrial Ethernet Gateways Solution includes industrial Modbus TCP gateways, industrial PROFINET gateways, industrial EtherNet/IP gateways and Industrial fieldbus gateways.
  • Network management software
    • MXstudio – Industrial Network Management Suite for Industrial network installation, operation, maintenance, and diagnostics
    • MXview – Industrial network management software or converged automation networks
    • MXconfig – Industrial network configuration tool
    • OPC ServerEDS-SNMP OPC Server Pro – for integrating SNMP devices into HMI/SCADA systems
  • Secure Remote Access
    • Moxa Remote Connect – Remote connection management platform for secure remote access


  • Specialized by Market
    • Marine Computers, Rail Computers, Power Substation Computers, Solar Computers, Oil & Gas Computers.
  • Wireless Computers
    • Wireless embedded computers – industrial computing platforms for managing devices, protocol conversions, and data collection. Perfectly suitable for IoT distributed applications. Moxa’s wireless embedded computer series include WLAN computers and Cellular Computers.
  • Compact/Fanless Computers
    • Compact and fanless embedded computers for industrial automation industry’s strict rugged quality demand, best fit for industrial computing platform options. Moxa’s compact and fanless embedded computer series include x86 and RISC computers.
  • Wide Temperature Computers
    • Moxa’s industrial computers for harsh environment—a wide operating temperature range from -40 to 75°C. Moxa’s embedded industrial computers come in different form factors with various features to meet all specific application requirements.
  • Displays and Panel Computers
    • Rugged panel computers and displays ideal for deploying in extreme operating environments for HMI applications such as rig-floor monitoring, drilling control, wellhead/pipeline monitoring, solar inverter monitoring, marine deck/bridge monitoring, and monitoring hazardous factory environments. Approved certifications include UL/cUL Class I Division 2, ATEX Zone 2, IECEx Zone 2, and marine standards such as DNV GL, ABS, LR, NK, and CCS.


  • Serial Device Servers
    • Moxa offers over 500 models of serial/USB connectivity products. As a worldwide industry leader in industrial device connectivity solutions, Moxa offers toughened industrial-specific products like NPort series with multiple industry certifications, such as Class I, Division 2/ATEX Zone 2 for harsh environments, EN 50155 for rail applications, NEMA TS2 for intelligent transportation systems, and IEC 61850-3 for power automation systems, to ensure operation safety and network reliability.
  • Embedded Networking
    • Moxa’s embedded serial-to-ethernet device servers, embedded serial-to-wifi device servers and software development kits.
  • Fieldbus Solutions
    • Moxa’s fieldbus gateways support Modbus TCP, Modbus/ASCII, Modbus/RTU, DF1, and EtherNet/IP. All Moxa fieldbus interface boards support CAN bus interface. Moxa fieldbus solution – ethernet fieldbus gateway series includes fieldbus gateway, fieldbus interface boards and fieldbus-to-fiber converters.
  • Multiport Serial Boards
    • Moxa provides different serial boards for different slot types, from ISA to PCI Express (PCIe) to PC/104. Multiport Serial Boards – PCI board solution includes PCIe/UPCI/PCI serial cards, ISA serial boards and PC/104 modules.
  • Industrial USB Converters/Hubs
    • Moxa’s USB to serial converters (up to 16 ports) and industrial USB hubs. All UPort USB to serial converters and industrial USB hubs products provide true Hi-Speed USB 2.0 at 480 Mbps, 15 KV ESD protection, and have a metal housing to endure harsh environments.
  • Serial Media Converters
    • Serial media to serial converters and serial to fiber converters. Moxa’s Media Converters convert RS-232 to RS-422 and RS-485, RS-232/422/485 to optical fiber.
  • Surge Protectors
    • Moxa ISD surge protector are easily installed and featured with certified serial protection to protect serial data line from surge and spike damage.


  • IP Cameras
    • Moxa’s industrial IP cameras performs reliably in harsh, extreme temperature environments. With EN 50155 compliance, Moxa’s IP cameras are ready to provide highly reliable operation for your mission-critical rolling stock surveillance applications.
  • Video Servers
    • Moxa’s industrial video servers have mainstream compression algorithms (MPEG4), and allow for easy integration of CCTV cameras into IP surveillance solutions.
  • Industrial Network Video Recorders
    • Moxa’s industrial network video recorders for reliable recording the VPort’s MJPEG, MPEG4, and H.264 video streams in harsh environments. Moxa’s industrial network video recorder product line includes the following models: MXNVR-RO-T, MxNVR-IA8, MxNVR-MO4 Series.
  • IP Surveillance Software
    • Moxa’s IP surveillance software SoftNVR-IA and VPort SDK PLUS. The SoftNVR-IA IP surveillance software for industrial automation. The VPort SDK PLUS supports VPort series video server and IP cameras, for building customized video management systems and for integrating VPort series products into comprehensive monitoring and control systems.
  • Video Accessories


  • Programmable Controller
    • ioPAC modular programmable controllers for front-end data acquisition and monitoring applications.
  • Smart Remote I/O
    • Moxa’s Smart Remote I/O series include Smart cellular I/O and Smart Ethernet I/O product lines.
  • Remote I/O
    • Moxa’s Remote I/O product series provides reliable I/O to industrial protocol gateway. Series include Ethernet I/O, RS-485 I/O and Modular I/O product lines.
  • Automation Software
    • Moxa automation software package includes two software programs: OPC Server UA/DA Suite and I/O Library:
      • Working with ioLogik series remote I/O products, both solutions leverage the power of the patented “Active” communications technology from Moxa, which maximizes the efficiency of the data collection from the remote ioLogik I/O devices, delivering faster response, bandwidth savings, and internet access.
      • Moxa Active OPC Server is a middleware solution that seamlessly connects the ioLogik remote I/O products to the SCADA system for remote monitoring, and the DA-Center converts the field data for ODBC-compliant IT databases.


    • Moxa accessories for serial boards, device servers, Ethernet switches, IPC alternatives, media converters, USB-to-serial, programmable gateways, video-over-IP solutions, and more.